Båt reiserute Filicudi

Sailing Itineraries in Filicudi in Aeolian Islands

Sailing holidays in Filicudi in Aeolian Islands

is a very small island located further west in the Aeolian Archipelago. In the past it was called Phenicusa which means reach of brackens. One of the main things of Filicudi for sailors liking peace and quiet is its natural beauty and the lack of mass tourism. Wonderful sailing destination. The coasts of Filicudi are made up of brown and red rocks, characteristic for its steep slopes. The island is formed by three inactive volcanoes: Monte Fossa delle Felci (774 m), Monte Montagnola (349 m) and Monte Terrione (278 m). To the south-east side it extends to Capo Graziano headland, small promontory above 174m which is connected to the island. From a distance it appears to be a small promontory island near the main island. At Capo Graziano you can find remains of prehistoric structures called ''Villaggio Preistorico’’ dating back to around 2 000 BC and more numerous remains of settlements formed by huts of spherical form from the Bronze Age.

Moorings and ancorages in Filicudi in Aeolian Islands

The island has a few small villages and two of them have a small port: Filicudi Porto and Pecorini a Mare with about 300 inhabitants, called "Filicudari". All villages are connected by road, close to each other.

The Filicudi scenic coast is full of great cliffs and rocks such as "Faraglione La Canna" in the NW, which rises in the middle of the sea and grows up to height of 85m and "Scoglio della Fortuna". Well worth a visit. Filicudi is known as well for its numerous caves and caverns, of which the most popular are the caves Maccatore, San Bartholomeo, Punta Perciato and Grotta del Bue Marino (must see but without anchoring). The NE point of the island, leading Del Zucco Grande, is high and rocky. It has large terraced vineyards. At Filicudi you can go for long walks, the most popular trial which leads to Monte Fossa dei Felici climbing to 774 meters along a rocky terrain to the summit of the extinct volcano.

The beauty of Filicudi it best appreciated by sailing around the island but the sailors needs to remember that it best to sail to this beautiful island only in calm weather condition as the island doesn't have any safe harbours and anchorages. Filicudi is a place to completely relax – forget the radio, internet, TV and newspapers – just come and chill out.