Båt reiserute Giannutri

Yacht Charters Guide: the Tuscan archipelago / Giannutri

Sailing around Giannutri

The island of Giannutri is a real gem just waiting to be discovered. Around 8 nm south east of Isola del Giglio, it is the southern-most of the islands in the Tuscan archipelago: a small and perfectly-formed island lush with Mediterranean scrub, conifer woods, a fringed by a spectacular rocky coastline with plenty of caves and just two stony beaches: Cala Spalmatoio on the east side of the island, and Cala Maestra on the NW side. On land, access is limited: there’s just one free “corridor” on the island, coinciding with the road that connects Cala Maestra with Cala Spalmatoio. The rest of the island to the east and west is a protected area, intended to preserve the unique landscape of this enchanting place. Only 300 visitors are allowed to enter these two areas each day; tickets must be purchased, and visitors are accompanied by a park warden or environmental guide. The park protection area extends to some areas of the sea too. In Zone 1 access is prohibited, along with fishing, diving, sailing, and anchoring too. In Zone 2 it is possible to enter the area to dive, surf, stop the boat and anchor.

Anchorages around Giannutri

The Island of Giannutri is a rugged, beautiful place, with various anchorages to choose from: Cala Spalmatoio and Cala Maestra. They make for a wonderful stopping place on a yachting holiday exploring the Tuscan archipelago. Giannutri is renowned for the beauty of its seabeds, making it a diving paradise. The other remarkable feature of this island are the remains of an impressive Roman villa, the villa of Agrippa, which belonged to the family of Emperor Nero. The highest point on the island is Poggio di Capel Rosso (88 m above sea level), offering glorious views.